Road Rash

Submitted by: shashank.N
TYPE xyzzxyspoonshift+1 THE nitroboost appears
Submitted by: sarath
this is a new cheat i found when i tried to win the game "roadrash".
i "changed the folder name 'cars' to 'buses' or any other name.
then no more cehicles except bikes will be in the game."
Update by: ramit_sethi2005
Submitted by: rohit
When you are playing a game,
enter these:
Cheat Result
YES,OCCIFER - Kill the cop
DRIBE - Kill the cop (again!?)
xyzzy - activate cheatcodes
thwack! - get chain
k'thunk! - get club
spoon! - nitro boost
THWACK! - You get a chain
pioneer - high speed

Submitted by: charit.a.sheth
during play press "CHAIN" and you will see
the bike run on top speed.
Getting the club or the chain without a cheatcode:
Submitted by: Pitam
Locate any player with the club (specially the cop).
Press on the hit with hand button continuously till
you see the player getting his club.
Do not hit him or he will fall wounded.
When the player tries to hit you just move the bike
towards him and hit him. If done carefully you will
get the club and he will lose it. Similarly do this
with anyone with the chain.
NOTE: This will NOT work if you ALREADY HAVE a club or a
Submitted by: Prannoy Ghosh
When you are playing Road Rash In BIG MODE,
play Napa Valley for 40 times for $40,000.
Submitted by: karan
hire a cheat to play the games without the cars which come in
between the game play do one thing go to the folder where u have
saved the games in that go to daya folder and in that go to cars
folder and delete all the cars and then start the game u r there
its look like this c:program files\roadrash\data\cars delete all
the cars have fun.
Submitted by: by Rahul Pradeep Naik
while driving type xyzyxspoon and then press shift button and 1 at once you
will get nitro boost in your bike and when you press n your bike will go faster
Submitted by: gaurav patil
While playing the game,if you click numpad8+numlock+backspace,your bike will
accelerate automatically.
Submitted by: Saptarshi
this is actually not a cheat. but u can snatch weapon from other bikers and police
if u start punching them and continue fighting. i found it is easier to snatch
weapon from police is easy lot easier than other bikers since they are moving
very fast it is difficult to continue a fight without u or the other biker falling.
if the biker falls or police falls during the fight don't worry go for the next
best candidate u think to snatch weapon. remember one thing only use only punch
nothing else in the fight. ENJOY.

Submitted by: Manu Narayanan
I am submitting the same cheat again for those who didn't
understand how to use this.
Go to the Location where u installed Roadrash.Find the folder named "DATA".
In the Data folder Find the folder named "CARS" and rename it to anything
else like "BUSES".When u start the game after doing this there will be no
more cars or trucks to strike u down in ur way!!! Enjoy!!!
Submitted by: Ashish
when you type thwack! or k'thunk!at the time of pressing shift+1
immediately press your hand button .your biker will continuosly
spinning tour chain or club or hand.

Submitted by: Preet
Press 'n' to use nitro boosters.By pressing 'n' your bike will
speed up while nitro booster will get emptied.

Submitted by: Kurnik
Open with hex "ROADRASH.EXE" find first walue "B10C" cheange it to "FFFF FFFF"
and save it as "aa.exe"
Use aa.exe to run the game. Go to "Big Game Mode" and take Axle charakter.
When you take Axle go to Shop with motorbikes and go to the "Super Bikes".
You will see you have 2147483847$. You may have buy "DIABLO". Cool hmm! ! ?
Submitted by: Panchal Jugal
if you will type this cheat your bike wil change to bullock cart:- xyzzyzoomroad

Submitted by: R.Vittal Kiran
First, make a backup of files in Roadrash folder.
then Go to: *:\Roadrash\DATA\BIKERS and delete files named
and then run the Game.Select any track of your choice,you'll see
only buildings(in'The city'track);
only mountains,trees and roads(in 'Peninsula' track);
only grasslands(in Napa Valley);
only mountains and snow(in Sieraa Nevade);
only water and trees(in Pacific Highway)
-By R. Vittal Kiran
Submitted by: ketan
This is a new cheat I found while playing road rash.When the cop appeared,
i typed bribe and then pressed the ENTER button.At that movement the cop

Submitted by: Eagle
Continuing on from my previous message, heres my method for getting through
*Note, this cheat only works to its full ability on level 5 of Road Rash.
When you start a race, if you have a Super Bike, I would suggest nitroing
once as soon as you start, then just racing normally. When a racer starts
attacking you, drive into them and kick hard, and they should go skidding
away. *Note, they move easier if you are driving towards them at the time.
When a cop appears, quickly hit bribe and press enter.
When you move up to about 6th place, start nitroing. If you drive off the
road, make sure there is a clear path to the road before you drive back,
or you will CRASH and burn.
Move up to 3rd place, and heres where it gets tough. Keep nitroing and
kicking and wacking the players out of your way, until you move to 2nd
place. If your getting near the finish line, (look down the bottom at
the speedometre, hopefully you remember how long the course is.)just go
for it and nitro past him. If your nitros are empty, hit spoon + shift and 1.
if you are far away from the finish, keep trailing the first placer.
As soon as he shows a sign that he is slowing down, nitro past him ASAP.
Therefore you will get a better lead on him, and there is less chance that
if you crash, he will overtake. Take it easy, just keep racing, and nitro
every once in a while. If a car gets within 80 metres of you, nitro, nitro,
If you do it correctly, you should be at the finish in no time.
Good Luck, and happy racing!

This is not really a's more of a "hint".
When you get into level 4 and 5 of the game, it can get pretty frustrating
trying to get through that urban jungle City, and the cliff hanging Pacific
Here's a few tips that will help you through the courses.
First, some cheats.
Cheat Result
Xyzzy Activates cheats
Thwack! Armed with Chain
K'thunk! Armed with Club
Spoon! Full Nitros
Bribe Kill the Cop

For the bribe cheat, you must type "bribe" then press ENTER, or it wont
work. The cop must be in your screen when you type bribe or nothing happens.
As soon as you hit the enter button, "POOF!" the cop dissappears.